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  Thứ Sáu, Tháng Tám 05, 2022
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Can you PLEASE make an add in tool for MS Access? I am having a bear of a time. I am importing a HUGE .csv file to Access that contains >4 million rows of data. Three of the fields that I import in are somehow importing as "Double" in Access so it is adding 2 decimals to the numbers in these 3 columns. ((( I also parse out the file into smaller files that I can work with in Excel and I do have Kutools but can't find a fix for this issue there. I make some updates to the smaller xlsx files and then I reimport them back into Acceess and append all to one big table that I will then export out in .csv format))) These columns are "dates" but they are not formatted on the original output as dates, and because there are so many rows - access is the only thing I can use to try to manipulate the file. However - NOTHING I do in Access keeps the decimals from appearing when I export it back out to .csv format. The 'dates' in the column look like this: 4302023 (which is April 30, 2023) and I need it to show with a leading zero for ONLY the months of Jan-thru-Sept. I need it to look like this in Access and export it to look this same way as; 04302023 to csv. What it is doing is exporting with |04302023.00| in my pipe-delimited export to .csv. OR it exports as 4302023 -without the leading zero for the months of Jan to Sept. :( CỨU GIÚP !!!! Tôi không viết mã nên tôi không thể làm gì nhiều hơn ...
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Chào bạn,

Xin chân thành cảm ơn quý khách hàng đã tin tưởng và dành thời gian cho chúng tôi. Tuy nhiên, chúng tôi hiện không có kế hoạch tạo một bổ trợ cho MS Access.

Nếu bạn có câu hỏi về Excel, Word hoặc Outlook, vui lòng đăng ở đây :D

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